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On October, 5 2010 Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simon received an anonymous tip about marijuana growing in a wooded area near Bishopville.

With the assistance of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, a helicopter was used to guide deputies to the first of two small fields. One field had approximately 250, 2-3 foot plants. The second field was about a quarter mile further in and yielded a little more than 600 4-6 foot plant.

Several “watering holes” had been dug out and liquid and powder fertilizer containers were discarded around them. Five gallon buckets, shovels, hand saws and other tools were strewn about the fields.

A tent, which was erected on a log platform and covered with an additional tarp, was also found. A makeshift bathing area near a small creek that ran between the two fields was also easy to find once in the remote location. It seems some time and much effort had been put into the clearing and construction of the two fields, given it was all done by hand.

The Lee County Sherriff’s Office (Oct-2010)

Sheriff Simon and Inv. Hickmon
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